We build overhead cranes

Lifting equipment services : overhead cranes, gantry cranes and hoist jibs

Study - Design - Manufacture - Installation

SOPR designs and manufactures to meet your specifications for your handling and lifting equipment: single- and double-girder cranes, handling gantries and semi-gantries, manual and electric chain hoists, jib cranes of all sizes and load capacities. SOPR also deals with your equipment's surroundings: runway, power supply, electrical cabinets.

Renovation - Compliance

  • Studies and logistics: estimates given after visiting the site and studying the specifications.
  • Support provided for the reception of handling equipment from approved bodies: our technicians carry out additional checks after those of the mandatory inspection bodies.
  • Transfer of lifting and handling equipment, repairs of motors and engines, runways, and ducts.


Lifting stands, cable or chain electric hoists, single- and double-girder overhead cranes, gantry and semi-gantry cranes.

Personal and equipment safety

Access ladders, life-lines, anti-collision radars

Radio control

Sales and repairs. SOPR offers standard radio controls but can also advise on specific types that enable you to optimize your production.

Maintenance contracts

All makes of lifting equipment, with traceability and inspection sheets for each device. Our technicians carry out over 60 checks per inspection and offer you tailor-made contracts. We can anticipate and prevent failures of your handling equipment.

Rental of test loads

We ensure the supply and transportation of test loads required for statutory lifting equipment controls.


Just one number for a swift reaction: +33 (0)6 7293 9243

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Cranes, hoists, jib towers, jib cranes, winch hoist jibs